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Ashley Mascari

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Revision Version 2.2311/17/2023


This guide provides detailed steps on how to download and use the LiftOff mobile application from the user's perspective. LiftOff allows users to call elevators using their mobile device, either explicitly or automatically.

Table of Contents

1. Installation
2. Enrollment
3. LiftOff Interface
Destination Selection
Request Access

List of Figures

1.1. Apple App Store
1.2. Google Play Store
1.3. LiftOff Home Icon
2.1. LiftOff Device Enrollment
2.2. LiftOff Phone Prompt
2.3. LiftOff Country Selection
2.4. LiftOff Verification
2.5. First Name
2.6. Last Name
2.7. Email Address
3.1. Ranging
3.2. Destinations
3.3. Hot Buttons
3.4. Multibank Selection
3.5. Car Allocation
3.6. Request Access
3.7. Edit Profile
3.8. QuickLift Settings
3.9. QuickLift Notification
3.10. QuickLift Menu
3.11. AutoLift
3.12. AutoLift Background Dispatch
3.13. AutoLift Background Confirm
3.14. AutoLift Hard-Press
3.15. AutoLift Confirm
3.16. Email Verification
3.17. Email Verification