LiftOff Deployer's Guide PDF

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Ashley Mascari

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Revision History
Revision Version 2.2209/10/2023


This guide provides detailed steps on how to acquire initial access to LiftOff's management portal and subsequently how to create and manage elevator banks and beacons used by the solution to place a call with the elevator from a mobile device.

Table of Contents

1. Overview
2. One-Time Steps
Installation of LiftOff Mobile
Request for Administrator, Approver and Deployer Access
PIN Creation
3. Per-Site Steps
Request for Deployer Access
Configuration of Elevator Banks and Beacon Groups
Access Control Options
Appliance Deployment
LiftOff Turnover

List of Figures

2.1. LiftOff Home Icon
2.2. Registration
2.3. SMS Verification
2.4. PIN Creation
2.5. Administration
3.1. Login
3.2. Building Selection
3.3. Security Toggle
3.4. Appliance Connected
3.5. Appliance Disconnected
3.6. Elevator Bank Configuation
3.7. Elevator Bank Dialog
3.8. Elevator Bank Floors
3.9. Paired Floor
3.10. Multiple Floor Creation
3.11. Floor Order
3.12. Elevator Bank Features
3.13. Elevator Bank Cars
3.14. Beacon Configuration
3.15. Adding Beacons in Batch
3.16. Secret Key
3.17. Edit Beacon
3.18. Beacon Programming - Begin
3.19. Beacon Programming - Pairing
3.20. Beacon Programming - Download
3.21. Beacon Programming - Complete
3.22. Display Panels
3.23. Display Dialog
3.24. Multiple Displays Creation
3.25. LiftOff Gateway Appliance (OnLogic)
3.26. LiftOff Gateway Appliance (Dell)